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Founded in 2018 by avid content creator & technical expert, Sheldon Otto


“I started collecting photographic equipment in 2017 and my collection grew and I needed to invest this into a passion project, and so RAW Photographic was born. I am an avid traveller and have visited 56 countries, and I managed to document each of these adventures. I loved the process of capturing the experience and bringing it to life through editing, and I got even more joy sharing the final product. 

I created this set-up to help others experience a similar process and allow them to use that to develop, share & promote their brand or their passion.”

– Sheldon Otto



The RAW Photographic team is led by Suzana de Pina who has significant experience managing a multi-disciplinary team. Her organisational skills keep our projects on track and she ensures that they are completed efficiently, timeously and of course, done with a lot of passion. One of her passion projects was conceptualised, created and shared with RAW Photographic – a true testament to our workflow & processes.

We work as a team and our company culture promotes continued education & skills development. Our team member, Caleb Africa, who works as our Studio Manager and Studio Director, ensures that the studio is equipped to produce the best quality content for the project. He is a pleasure to have in studio as he is growing in skill by the day, always willing to learn and is known for his contagious laugh & bubbly personality. 

We have built up our studio from grassroot levels and we now hold some world-class equipment, and we are always looking to expand our equipment and even our team. This combined with passionate and skilled professionals lead to a strong, productive & knowledgable team.

We deliver exceptional results

Our content generate leads, go viral and inspire trends

In the constantly growing and highly competitive world we live in, every page, metric, and customer opinion plays a huge role in determining a brand’s reputation. We produce beautiful, emotionally compelling, share-worthy branded content that revolutionises the way brands interact with their customers, cultivating meaningful, lasting relationships with their audiences.

By putting your consumers at the centre of your brand, we eliminate clutter, enable brand clarity, generate leads and inspire trends that bring clear-cut results. This helps convert your brand into a community of paying customers, speeding up growth through the power of targeted content and strategy.

Professional Team

Our group is made up of talented professional photographers, videographers, techies, writers and are true craftsmen in all aspects of content creation. 

Film on Location

RAW Photographic has been sharing moments and collaborating with local and international clients since 2018. We are based in Cape Town and shoot on location across the world.

World Class Equipment

All of our photography and videography is shot using top-of-the-line equipment for clarity, sharpness and resolution. We also own specialist lighting, conveyors, turntables, and edit stations – all in-house.

Meet our Team

We are a team of professional content creators