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Founded in 2018 by professional photographer, Ryan Lansdown.


Ryan Lansdown:
“Back in 2008, our family subscribed to the National Geographic magazine and I can fondly remember coming home from school, picking up the Nat Geo mag and immersing myself in the places, animals and people that were brought to life by world class photographers all while procrastinating from my chores and homework”.

“Within time I got my first camera and immediately discovered a passion for photography and I wanted in! At first, I started with landscape photography – leaning all the basics, but as my skill grew, I reached the limits of my equipment – I quickly offered my services online, started building a client base and shortly after upgraded.”

“Now suddenly I was part of event and product campaigns, that eventually launched me into film. That’s when I partnered with Sheldon Otto and RAW Photographic was born.”

Meet Sheldon Otto

Out of the box?.... More like out of his mind!

Growing up in Cape Town, South Africa, Sheldon has always been keen on pushing the envelope, wanting to do more. From the age of 15, Sheldon volunteered across the globe, helping to alleviate poverty stricken communities.

Sheldon’s eye for a well composed video comes from his love of extreme adventures. As a Digital Solutions Architect, he put his technical skills to work and built his own successful eCommerce company to fund his frequent crazy adventures. 

As our digital lead, he brings his knowledge of analytics and online marketing strategy to the team.

We deliver exceptional results

Our content generate leads, go viral and inspire trends

In the constantly growing and highly competitive world we live in, every page, metric, and customer opinion plays a huge role in determining a brand’s reputation. We produce beautiful, emotionally compelling, share-worthy branded content that revolutionises the way brands interact with their customers, cultivating meaningful, lasting relationships with their audiences.

By putting your consumers at the centre of your brand, we eliminate clutter, enable brand clarity, generate leads and inspire trends that bring clear-cut results.This helps convert your brand into a community of paying customers, speeding up growth through the power of targeted content and strategy.

Professional Team

Our group is made up of talented professional photographers, videographers, techies, writers and are true craftsmen in all aspects of content creation. 

Film on Location

RAW Photographic has been sharing moments and collaborating with local and international clients since 2018. We are based in Cape Town and shoot on location across the world.

High Technology equipments

All of our photography and film work is shot using top-of-the-line equipment for clarity, sharpness and resolution. We also own specialist lighting, conveyors, turntables, and edit stations – all in-house.

Meet our Team

We are a team of professional content creators