Caleb Africa

Caleb Africa

Studio Manager & Content Creator


Caleb grew up in Cape Town, South Africa and spent lots of time watching YouTube vloggers & content creaters express their passions & talents online. He is currently studying Media Communication at Helderberg College and joined RAW Photographic to immerse himself in the world of content creation! He upload content weekly to my YouTube channel and started documenting my experiences, detailing my day to day challenges and successes on my Instagram. 
Growing up in Cape Town, I found myself watching a lot of YouTube vloggers and content creators express their passions and talents online. I always thought the idea of having your own YouTube channel was inspiring, you know where you could make videos of what you are passionate about and have the stage to show who and what you are to a bigger audience.
I started to make my own vlogs and videos,  posting them online to my YouTube channel, at first I did it for fun, but as I started doing it more and more I realised I was getting pretty good at it  – also most importantly I was really enjoying what I was doing.

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