Ryan Lansdown

Ryan Lansdown

Videographer / Photographer


“Back in 2008, Our family subscribed to the National Geographic magazine and I can fondly remember coming home from school, picking up the Nat Geo mag and immersing myself in the places, animals and people that were brought to life by world class photographers all while procrastinating from my chores and homework”.

“Within time I got my first camera and immediately discovered a passion for photography and I wanted in! At first, I started with landscape photography – leaning all basics, but as my skill grew, I reached the limits of my equipment – I quickly offered my services online, started building a client base and shortly after upgraded.” 

“Now suddenly I was part of event and product campaigns, that eventually launched me into film. That’s when I partnered with Sheldon Otto and RAW Photographic was born.”

Contact Info

Phone : +27 21 813 9055
Email : ryan@rawphotographic.co.za